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Thattekad bird sanctuary, situated on the banks of Periyar river in kerala is a birding hot spot.The sanctuary which spreads across an area of more than 25 sq km is home to more than 280 species of birds including several western ghat endemics.At Thattekad you can find large number of birds in a relatively small area.This is because of the diverse habitats present in the region.

If you are visiting Thattekad for  the first time or new to birding,then it is better to hire a local bird guide.An expert local guide will be able to recognize bird species from their calls and knows the preffered habitats of different birds.This helps them to spot a lot more birds than any average visitor.Local assistance will make sure that you visit all the major attractions and won`t get disoriented in the thick forest.

Early mornings are best for bird watching as birds are most active at that time.Guided birding sessions usually start around 7:0 AM in morning and evening sessions at 3:30 PM and have a duration of around 2:30 to 3 hours.

If you are interested in availing the service of an expert bird guide,it is suggested to book a session in advance as guides may not be available on the spot at all times.During peak season it becomes more hard to get a naturalist on demand.

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Other than SALIM ALI TRAIL AND BAZA TRAILS bird sanctuary entrance area,we provide birding sessions at various less explored and un disturbed areas.we also organize LAGOON TRAIL along village and wet land areas.Experienced birders can opt for specialized trips or nocturnal birding sessions. We also arrange hide sessions for photography.