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                   The thattekkad bird sanctuary, which is the first bird sanctuary in Kerala ,is located on the banks of Periyar river ,about 12 km s from Kothamangalam ,in Kerala .Thattekad bird sanctuary is also known as Dr.Salim Ali bird sanctuary, named after Dr Salim Ali,the best known ornithologist in India.This bird sanctuary which spreads across an area of 25 sq kms at the foot of western ghats , was notified in 1983 based on previous recommendation by Dr.Salim Ali. He once described Thattekad as the richest bird habitat in peninsular India.Ever growing number of bird watchers and nature lovers from around the globe is a testimony to his words. 

Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary has a rich and varied birdlife(280 + species)and wild life.Several species of forest birds , water birds and migratory birds visit the sanctuary .This is because of the wide variety of natural habitats available at Thattekad,which includes Periyar river,lagoons and marshes formed by Bhootattankettu dam reservoir,tropical semi & evergreen forests of the western ghats.


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Kayaking and Boating

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KAYAKING  Paddle on the beautiful Periyar,the longest river in Kerala.At Thattekad,Periyar is calm and wide,thaks to Bhootattankettu dam down stream. EvergreenThattekad bird sanctuary forest on one side and rubber plantations on other bank make this a picture perfect location with unpolluted water and serene environment. One can use kayak or pedal boat to explore the

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Butterfly Tours Thattekad

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BUTTERFLIES AND ODONATES OF KERALA Butterfly park is another main attraction of Thattekad bird sanctuary.This garden for butterflies set on 30 cents of land is planted with variety of host plants for all the different butterfly species found locally.Here visitors can observe different cycles in the life of a butterfly,from egg to larva,to pupa and

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Cycling Tours

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THATTEKAD CYCLING TOURS Bicycles are the most eco friendly and efficient way to explore less travelled and pristine areas around .THATTEKAD CIRCUIT,LAGOON CIRCUIT,INCHATTOTTY CIRCUIT AND PERIYAR CIRCUIT  are a few from our list of local cycling programs that take you around local attractions ,village life,plantations and pristine nature.You can select or tailor a trip according


Munnar Bird Watching/Stay

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MUNNAR BIRD WATCHING & ACCOMMODATION Munnar is amoung the most popular tourist destination in India with its scenic land scape,large tea gardens and climate.Munnar and its surrounding high altitude forests are rich in bird life and is home to many endemic birds.Munnar town is located 70 kms away from Thattekad. we arrange transport,birding,trekking,accommodation and various

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Village/Plantation Walks

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VILLAGE/PLANTATION WALKS Experience the serenity and beauty of rural Kerala as you walk aorund the lagoons formed by Periyar river ,through paddy fields,rubber plantations and spice gardens.You will get a glimpse of many varieties of wet land birds,village birds and a few forest birds on the way.Thus you can enjoy local birding and local village

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Bird Watching and Photography

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Bird Watching And Photography Thattekad bird sanctuary and its surroundings provide a variety of serene and picturesque locations to marvell at the winged beauties.You don’t have to be an experienced bird watcher to enjoy avian life and there is no age limit to start observing and identifying birds.There is another group of people who not


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Binocular Buying Guide

If you are new to bird watching ,then the most important tools that you need will be a good  binocular and an illustrated bird ...


Inchathotty is a small village on the banks of periyer river on Thattekad-Neriyamangalam road.Inchathotty started attracting visitors ...