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Experience the serenity and beauty of rural Kerala as you walk aorund the lagoons formed by Periyar river ,through paddy fields,rubber plantations and spice gardens.You will get a glimpse of many varieties of wet land birds,village birds and a few forest birds on the way.Thus you can enjoy local birding and local village life in a short walk.

Kerala is the leader in rubber production in india.It accounts for 90 percent of natural rubber production in India.Palamattom,near Thattekad is home to india`s first commercial rubber plantation .Established on the banks of periyar river in 1902 ,it was known as Periyar sindicate.

While driving through Thattekad area,you can find lot of big and small rubber plantations.There you can watch the process of making small cuts on the rubber trees to collect white milk like natural latex and processing it in to sheets of rubber.Also you can`t miss the pineapple cultivations along the way. coconut,bananas,tapiocca,coco,nutmeg,ginger,turmeric,coffee,pepper ,rice,cashew are among other main crops.