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bhoothathankettu dam

Bhoothathankettu Dam and Tourism

Bhoothathankettu Dam located near kothamangalam in Eranakulam district of Kerala is a popular tourist spot.This barrage built across Periyar river is part of P.V.I.P (Periyar valley Irrigation Project) which diverts water from Periyar river through a large network of canals for irrigation purpose.Large reservoir created by pristine Periyar river with virgin evergreen forests and mountains in the background makes this place spectacular. Bhoothathankettu is located at a distance of 10 kms from Kothamangalam, which is the nearest town and 55 kms from kochi.

The word Bhoothathankettu literally means “ghost dam” in malayalam language and is connected to Hindu mythology.The story states that long ago demons or “bhoothathans” set out to block the Periyar river to submerge Thrikkariyoor temple.Lord Shiva, the presiding diety of the temple came up with an idea to deter them. He made the sound of a crowing rooster to make it appear that dawn has arrived. Demons left their work unfinished and ran off fearing daylight. As a proof to this mythological story today we can see huge stones blocking the Periyar river at old Bhoothathankettu area,making the river flow through a narrow space which demons did not manage to dam up.

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Bhoothathankettu Dam Boating.

Boating on beautiful and pristine Periyar river is a major tourist attraction at Bhoothathankettu. Boats are operated in the reservoir created by Bhoothathankettu Barrage on Periyar river.Evergreen forests on both sides with western Ghat mountain ranges in the backdrop makes this river ride an unforgettable experience.

Cost of a motor boating trip is around 200/- Rs. per person for one hour and can be extended on additional cost. Boats are operated from the DTDC boat jetty and visitors can purchase the tickets from the counter. Group visitors can book for private trips at their desired timings through advance telephonic bookings. Advance booking is very helpful, especially during busy weekends and public holidays.

Bhoothathankettu Reservoir Boating - Rates and Timings

  • INR- 200/- per person for one hour trip, can be extended up to 2 hours.
  • 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (open on weekends and public holidays also.)
  • Groups can book for private trips in advance. Breakfast/Lunch can be served on board on such trips.
  • Boat pick up or drop can be arranged at various spots along the permitted boating routes.

  Boating advance booking for groups-

   contact – +91 8547680759

periyar river

Bhoothathankettu Dam Children's Park

There is a small children’s park adjacent to the Bhoothathankettu barrage. This well maintained lush green park on the banks of Periyar river provides a variety of activities and facilities for kids. Visitors needs to take entry ticket to access the park and the old bridge cum barrage, which is closed to vehicle traffic.

Working Hours – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Entry Ticket Rates

Adults –    10/- INR.

Children – 5/- INR

bhoothathankettu dam


Formation of this stone structure at old Bhoothathankettu remains a topic of conjecture.It is widely accepted that two major floods and landslides caused the enormous rocks to slide down the surrounding mountains and settle near old Bhoothathankettu.

Reservoir and surrounding forest is rich in flora and fauna and aquatic life.Bhoothathankettu ,which is only a few kilometers away from Thattekad Bird Sanctuary is a birding hotspot.Boat ride up the river,pedal boating and walk to old Bhoothathankettu are the major attractions.

Bhoothathankettu Barrage cum bridge of  Periyar Valley Irrigation Projcect (P.V.I.P) has a length of 210.92 metre and 14 shutters.Construction started in 1956 and partially commissioned in1967.Later canals were expanded to increase the irrigated area to 32800 hectares of agricultural land.

A new bridge having a length of 296 m and width of 11 m was opened for public traffic on June 2020.This bridge is build parallel to the old barrage to facilitate traffic and avoid the stress caused by heavy vehicles on the ageing masonry structure. Bhoothathankettu barrage cum bridge is now open only to pedestrians. Tourists have to buy entry tickets to access the barrage and adjoining children’s park.